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Are you a manufacturer wanting to track your valuable product shipments throughout the US? Are you a distribution center needing visibility into inbound and outbound shipments? Are you a third-party broker (3PL) looking for a solution to monitor your brokered loads and provide better service to your customers? Or, are you a carrier looking to avoid check calls to your fleet, but instead want the ability to track them in real-time?

Look no longer! There’s a new solution that will give you the visibility you need to manage your shipments and monitor your distribution/carrier networks in a new, exciting, and much more efficient way…

We proudly introduce FreightTracer — a full-truckload (FTL), GPS-based desktop and mobile application that puts the power of tracking freight in the hands of the manufacturer and shipper. Our new product enables you, the customer, to track your shipments through our FreightTracer management portal and mobile applications (Android and iOS).

FreightTracer gives manufacturers and distribution centers the ability to view shipments in real-time and detects dispatch, pickup, and delivery using our mobile GPS freight tracking technology. FreightTracer automatically tracks actual in and out times, so no more complicated discussions around detention issues or other misunderstandings between drivers and customers.

As a manufacturer or distribution center, you should expect and demand superior service from your carriers. FreightTracer lets you track, monitor, and report on your carriers’ performance using our carrier scoring system, giving you the ability to show which carriers are providing the best service and pricing. We also allow you to track carrier insurance information and important documents to protect your shipments and reduce your risk during the shipment process.

As a carrier, FreightTracer will make your operations more efficient by reducing inbound customer calls to locate shipments. Your drivers will be able to confirm arrival to pickup/delivery locations and validate your level of service to your customers. Drivers can upload the proof of delivery (POD) in real time so your payment can be released more quickly from your customer, improving receivable turnover and cash flow.

For drivers, FreightTracer’s mobile applications (Android and iOS) are extremely low touch and require very little driver interaction, allowing them to focus on driving safely and keeping shipments on schedule. We also respect driver privacy and only track while they are actively transporting a shipment. Our mobile tracking applications also give the driver the ability to go on breaks and temporarily disable mobile device tracking, based on state and DOT regulations.

FreightTracer’s flexible pricing model allows you to take advantage our software whether you’re managing a few dozen shipments a month all the way up to enterprise-level operations that exceed several hundred shipments a month. At just dollars-per-load, you’ll have access to all of FreightTracer’s advanced freight tracking features.

With all FreightTracer has to offer your organization, we urge you to visit our website and setup a demo with one of our sales engineers at https://www.freighttracer.com/contact.html. We look forward to showing you our product and how we can make your business better!

The FreightTracer Management Team

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