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A Driver Life-Style We Understand .. and a Tool That Makes It Easier

by Lance Beebe

July 20, 2017 | 8:33 pm

We understand what you are facing everyday as an OTR driver.

When you are on the road 300 days a year, it’s practically impossible to have a home life, tough to have a relationship and at times hard to press-on each day.

What about a 40-hour week? Let’s be real here. How about expectations of 70 hours of work in an eight-day period. But you’ve got to keep the truck moving. If you don’t, you aren’t making money.

We understand this is a lifestyle choice not a job.

  • Not eating so well out of a “roach coach”. You know, “A bowl of grease and a hair”. Or, opening a can of veggies and putting it on the heater – after all, no need to dirty a dish.
  • Sometimes a dangerous job and frequently a lonely life style. Dealing with those “bumper stickers”. Just trying to find a decent/safe place to sleep.

Relying on handlers to load/unload your freight – in a timely and efficient manner.

It’s just you and your rig. You take care of her and she takes care of you. Together you have dealt with incredibly challenging weather and equally challenging loads, been delayed in traffic, and had to react to those idiots in the four wheelers. You both love the open road and can’t wait to get moving again. Every day is different with unique challenges.

Sometimes it’s just you and your rig. Other times it’s you, your rig and a fellow driver – teamed up to share the work three ways. Each one contributing by doing the best each can do.

We understand.

But the bottom line is that you love being your own boss, driving the route you decide is best, stopping at those special places that make you feel welcome, and the peace and quiet. Knowing that you are the life-blood of the community. If they have it, you delivered it. The camaraderie, the open road, the spectacular views, and the young kid in the family car giving you the arm pump. It doesn’t get any better than that. We understand.

Making Life Easier with FreightTracer Mobile App

The last thing we want to do is make your life harder. Because it doesn’t have to be.

Because we understand, we offer FreightTracer™’s Mobile Application. A free, easy to use, smart device application that works as hard as you do. In fact, it does a lot of the tedious work for you!

☑ Free is Good

First, it’s free. You download it to your smart device and open it up. That’s it. It’s small in size and uses little power, so its easy on your battery. No additional equipment is needed to purchase or install.
Second your interaction with FreightTracer™ is minimal. You set it up when it is first downloaded and then it runs quietly in the background, on its own, until you are assigned a delivery. Then the “easy” begins. Let’s walk through a typical pick up and delivery cycle.

Instant Notification

Once you have established a relationship with a dispatcher or broker or shipper, you will be alerted to a new shipment instantly. It is sent to you in the form of a text message. You click on the link and it displays all loads that are currently dispatched to you. You click on the load title and it quickly displays all key pick up and delivery information. At this time you can either acknowledge (accept) it or decline it.


Compare this to getting a call from the dispatcher – that may come at an inconvenient time – and then having to write down all the information. More paperwork and possible confusion. Or waiting until a convenient time to call back, and risk the chance of losing the shipment.


It is so easy and efficient to get pick up and delivery info – no need to call or text. You can even cut and paste the location information into a GPS app! And you can use FreightTracer™ with multiple dispatchers, brokers or shippers. It’s up to you.









☑ The Goal Is Reduced Paperwork

Once at the pick up location, the FreightTracer™ Mobile App automatically tracks location and times. FreightTracer™ utilizes advanced geo-fencing technology, allowing the system to detect when the truck (via the GPS function of the driver’s smart device) has arrived at the pick up location, and then later, when it departs.


Compare this to having to complete more paperwork and capturing pickup time and then comparing actual times with those entered by the shipping manager to determine timeliness of the progress of the load.




A Safer Driver Experience

While traveling, it can eliminate all check calls and messages from the dispatcher or the customer. It automatically reports location and times, so the dispatcher knows how the delivery is progressing. FreightTracer™ is supporting you every step of the way.

No more annoying and potentially dangerous situations as you try to respond to a call where you are distracted from driving.


NOTE: FreightTracer™ respects driver privacy. We only track drivers during actual transportation of shipments. Drivers will not be tracked in between shipments and when they are on break. You have precious little time to relax and we understand and respect your privacy. We give you the ability to decide when you need to be tracked and when you don’t.

Other apps use a different process to track – they use cell phone towers to locate you as you move along. With these other apps there is no way to turn tracking off.

☑ Avoid Detention Fees

The tracking of times and locations will help you avoid fines and detention fees. For example, you will be able to irrefutably show that you arrived with sufficient time to unload, but were made to wait. On the other hand, the dispatcher will be aware of your route status and can plan ahead if you are going to be late due to traffic or weather and make alternate plans. All this happens without you having to make a call and contact the dispatcher directly. Good, timely status updates are the key. It’s what FreightTracer™ does best.

☑ Technology That Works For You

As soon as the load is delivered, you can use your smart device to photograph and upload the POD directly to the dispatcher as a PDF document, where they can view it, print it, email it, etc. It can go directly to the Accounting department – which results in quicker billing and, good news, you get paid quicker. Done – done – and done. Thank you FreightTracer™!

Compare this to the traditional process where PODs are frequently accumulated and then sent via batch at a later time. And there is the delay as they move through the postal system which can add more time, waiting for reimbursement.

Additional Features

»  It’s been said that one picture is worth a thousand words. We got that, and now you do too. With FreightTracer™ you have the ability to take pictures of the load that become part of a shipment’s record file. These could be used to prove that the shipment was delivered with no damage. And it’s as easy as using your smart device and then, through FreightTracer™, sending the images to the dispatcher.

Compare that with trying to explain the condition of the shipment, should there be a legal dispute. It’s your word against theirs.

»  Want to standout in a crowd of drivers? FreightTracer customers have the ability to rate their carriers. We will aggregate this data to generate carrier scores that will help you prove that you are a professional who provides the best service and the dependability they need. You get the goods where they need to be, when they need to be there and your customers voted you one of the best. High performance drivers can use this data to move themselves to the top of the list for future deliveries. This data can rate hours of service, types of shipments, etc.

The alternative is a dispatcher looking a list of 30+ drivers trying to pick which is best, based on some notes in a file.

We Understand

We understand what you are dealing with on a continual basis. While there are a lot of things we can’t change, there are some that we positively can. Our promise to you is to keep those necessary scheduling, tracking, reporting, and administrative tasks simple, out of the way with absolutely no cost, so you and your rig can keep focused on doing the things you do so well.

Imagine your life with FreightTracer™. easy, reduced paperwork, instant communication, automatic tracking that you control, protection from fines/detention fees, your name at the top of the driver list. Focusing on what you like doing. And all for free.



We invite you to visit our website at or click HERE to request a demo to see it in action and to get your questions answered. We look forward to hearing from you.

FreightTracer™ – Freight tracking made simple

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