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Whether Small Fleet Owner or Large Carrier The Trucking Business Is TOUGH! 7 Ways You Can Conquer It

by Lance Beebe

October 17, 2017 | 8:17 pm

One of the most challenging businesses is managing a fleet of trucks.  Whether you manage your own truck or manage a large flight of trucks, it’s more than a fulltime task. You need to be sleek, fast to respond, and provide excellent service.  But how many times have you thought that the industry caters to enterprise carriers, giving them a distinct advantage with technology that you don’t have.


It’s something you couldn’t afford.

Well – all of that has changed to your advantage!



No more “white-board management” or complicated spreadsheet.  Meet FreightTracer™.  FreightTracer™ helps manage your business and track your fleet of trucks with GPS. Whether you own one or multiple trucks, dispatch yourself or have staff to manage load booking and dispatch processes, FreightTracer™ is the most advanced GPS tracking solution available today. There are many ways this sleek and responsive bit of technology can help you, but here are seven of the most useful.


#1. Real-time Data Display – Includes Delivery Route Tracing & Customer Tracking Links

You’ll know exactly where all your deliveries are, all the time, all cross the U.S. No surprises. It gives you access to powerful Google technology used by more expensive applications.  You can also send tracking links to your customers and make more $$$ per load by doing so!

But now it’s in your hands!



#2. Alerts on Delivery Status Are Automatically Displayed

If a delivery is late, you will be alerted.  Even more powerful, given the tracking technology just described, you will be alerted if there is a potential that the delivery will be late.  Accident 10 miles down the road and traffic is beginning to backup.  You’ll know the potential for delay.


#3. POD Processing Is Accomplished Quicker

Nothing beats getting paid sooner!  With FreightTracer™ you will be able to take a picture of the signed POD and then immediately upload it for processing.


#4. No Additional Equipment Needed – Works on Mobile Devices

You need to keep your costs and expenses down. No problem.  You do not need to purchase any new equipment.  You can be up and running in a matter of minutes using existing equipment. Note: Our mobile apps work on iPhone & Android, but not all mobile phones.

As a driver, you can focus on driving and delivering a high level of service while your dispatch team (spouse, family, business partner, ops team) finds high margin, high-quality shipments which are sent right to your phone.


#5. Scalable As Your Business Grows

Plans for future growth?  FreightTracer™ is easily scalable and will grow right along with you.  If at some point you need more powerful data tracking capabilities, we have a full-featured application, NavigatorTMS, built to manage every aspect of the business.  When the time is right you can easily merge these two together, giving you even more power to manager your growing business.


#6. Gives You A Unique Advantage

With FreightTracer you can send tracking links to your customers. enabling them to view the status and location of their shipments in real time, reducing the need for calling.  This insight will be a huge value-add for them. And it gives you an advantage over your competition.



#7. Extremely affordable

It just keeps getting better.  You get all this, and more, for an extremely low monthly cost per truck.  Whether you have two trucks or five the cost is the same.  As you grow, the fee adjusts and when it is advantageous for you, it can be adjusted to a flat rate based on loads/month.  But that’s up to you.

That’s the way FreightTracer™ works – you decide what’s best.

So now you know how you can conquer your Owner Operator challenges the best way possible, to your advantage.  We like to call it the “No whiteboard zone”.

  • No expensive hardware, setup fees or installation required. Up and running in minutes!
  • Real-time freight tracking with 15-minute GPS pings
  • Freight control center dashboard to track all your freight across all your trucks
  • Provide visibility for central dispatch to monitor and view all your shipments in real time
  • Enable your customers to view the status and location of their shipments in real time
  • Real-time driver performance metrics (on-time, late, carrier scoring)
  • Customer quality of service metrics (on-time pickup and delivery performance)
  • POD uploads
  • Bill of Lading creation
  • And much more

FreightTracer™ wants you to succeed as much as you do.

To find out more, or to request a demonstration of FreightTracer™ visit or email us at:

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