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American Diamond Logistics deploys NavigatorTMS™ and FreightTracer™ for freight management and shipment visibility

by FreightTracer

February 5, 2019 | 6:06 pm

American Diamond Logistics (ADL), a full-service logistics management and services company, has deployed NavigatorTMS and FreightTracer for freight management and real-time shipment visibility across its U.S. distribution network.

The cloud-based NavigatorTMS enables ADL to build, quote, dispatch, invoice and manage shipments all through a single portal. NavigatorTMS also includes a CRM that enables centralized and distributed sales teams to collaborate and manage their sales activities in a single system.

Now that NavigatorTMS is integrated with FreightTracer, the newest, cutting edge supply chain visibility platform, ADL now has the ability to gain real-time visibility into their entire distribution network, while also providing tracking links to their customers and anyone else in the supply chain that needs that level of visibility.

“Delivering a superior customer experience is what sets us apart in our industry,” said Steve Wineriter, President and CEO of American Diamond Logistics. “With the power of NavigatorTMS and FreightTracer, we’ve been able to reduce load tracking time, provide faster response times to any shipment issues that may arise, and optimize our labor costs. We have also seen a dramatic sales lift in our business, which we have directly related to the use of NavigatorTMS and FreightTracer,” Wineriter states.

For more information on NavigatorTMS, you can visit For more information on FreightTracer™, you can visit

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