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Mobile Supply Chain Visibility Products Level the Playing Field for Smaller Fleets, Carriers & Brokers

by Mark Eichinger

March 11, 2019 | 3:47 pm

Shipment visibility has become an increasingly relevant problem in the transportation and logistics industry over the past several years.  The efficiencies gained by having real-time visibility into your supply chain can be game changing for organizations of all sizes.  Therefore, vendors that are providing supply chain visibility to their customers are seeing an increase in overall customer satisfaction, an increase is sales lift and an overall growth in revenue.   Companies that ignore this trend could be overrun by the companies that embrace it.  Recent reports are also indicating that companies that rely on tracking apps that use cell tower pings by the major telecoms will soon be facing an uphill battle (T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T still selling your location data, report says…).  This will place the focus on the true, mobile app-based visibility products and platforms.

There continues to be some resistance in the industry that impose potential roadblocks to mobile app tracking adoption becoming commonplace in the market.  The number one obstacle continues to be overall driver adoption.   Many drivers still feel that these types of applications are an invasion of their privacy, especially when it is requested to be installed on their personal mobile device(s).   The companies that figure out how to streamline driver onboarding, provide the drivers improved privacy, and add additional value to the driver, should see an improved response from the driver community.

Regardless of the continued resistance from the driver community, mobile app-based visibility solutions are making their way into the industry and driver adoption and awareness are seeing consistent improvement.  Many  companies and drivers are starting to understand the value and benefits of using such platforms and apps.  Combine that with mobile apps that are driver friendly, require less driver interaction and improve their shipping operations, and you start to see a trend moving more towards mobile visibility apps starting to gain traction in the market.

A solution that is primed to take advantage of this shift to mobile app-based tracking and visibility is FreightTracer.  FreightTracer has been bolstering its technology over the past 12 months with 3PL customers and smaller carriers.  FreightTracer allows customers to send real-time tracking links to everyone involved in the supply chain process, generates 15-minute pings, allows drivers to place the app on break, upload POD’s in real-time and much more.   FreightTracer also has an extremely affordable pricing model, that make it cost-effective for organizations that once didn’t have the budget for the higher-end systems.

FreightTracer offers a free trial for interested parties.   The trial is for 14-days and does not require the customer to enter any credit card information.  For more information, please Click Here for more information on this Trial Program.

Implementing a solution like FreightTracer into your organization requires full buy-in from the top to the bottom.   Although the application is extremely simple to setup and use, it still requires process change, employee training and customer awareness efforts.  But once implemented, FreightTracer will become irreplaceable to your business and operations.  We are confident that if you take the steps required to introduce visibility processes into your current operations, you will be rewarded with a tremendous increase in customer satisfaction, a growth in your revenue generating opportunities and an overall streamlined logistics operations.

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