We work with the best!

Whether in the technologies we use to build and power our applications or the companies we choose to partner or integrate with, we're working with the best to make FreightTracer the best it can be.

Welcome to our newest partners:

FreightTracer was built using core Microsoft platforms that will serve as the foundation for all technology being implemented in the application. Below are the key technologies being used:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SQL Sever
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Windows Azure

Onix is a valued partner who has assisted FreightTracer with Google Maps licensing and implementation.

  • Onix

Kolor Blue Solutions is a key technology and implementation partner.

  • Kolor Blue Solutions

FreightTracer is part of the Microsoft BizSpark program, which we are leveraging for technology and business services.

  • Microsoft BizSpark

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Our application was designed from the ground up with the manufacturer in mind. Find out how FreightTracer can change the way you think about your shipments.

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